Protrail is a company with nearly 30 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing medium and small sized equipment for the production and delivery of concrete and asphalt. Our products are designed to suit the needs of companies that require quality, versatility, and affordability. We build a product line designed to suit different volumes of production at affordable costs, and to suit multiple production challenges including delivery location, production location, loading procedures, among others. Our experience is behind each one of our products

Our equipment has produced concrete and asphalt across diverse locations ranging from busy urban hubs to remote rural areas with limited access to electricity. Whether you need to mix and pump high volumes of concrete in-situ, deliver small batches of concrete with a truck, mix small batches at a client’s location, or any other situation, we have a solution to meet your needs. We have proudly served multiple clients in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Please contact us with your inquiries, we are glad to advise you on what product suits your needs best


Mobile concrete mixer

  • 10 cub/yd production capacity
  • 6″ concrete pump with a 3″ hydraulic cylinder.
  • 550 gallon capacity water tank with hydraulic operated water pump.
  • Cement silo equipped with auger. Capacity for 2.88 cubic meters.
  • Vertical mixer. 1 cub/yd batching capacity with direct unloading into concrete pump
  • Equipped with control panel and digital indicator
  • Storage capacity of 4.66 cubic meters of aggregate and 3.75 cubic meters of sand
Concrete Batching Plants

Truck mixer loading or in-situ batching concrete plants. An excellent choice to produce concrete nearly anywhere, with an affordable investment. Mobile and stationary options

Truck and self-loading mixers

Productive and reliable truck mixers and self-loading mixers used in multiple construction projects for nearly 30 years. Available from 2 cub meters to 11 cub meters

Cellular concrete plants

Mobile cellular concrete production plant mounted on a truck for production at the job site. Ideal for producing cellular concrete to address thermal insulation needs. Developed in Florida (USA)